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Running Bystričania overlooking Košice and Nitra: Hetrikom sa zaskvel Lunter

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – The home made a hussar. After the round before they went outside Kosice, they advised at home with another table better team. After two-thirds, they stepped forward for three points. They lead three goals, the match was

VIDEO Mídia estrangeira sobre a partida chata da Eslováquia: a chance foi pequena, nada perigoso

TRNAVA, 26 de março (SITA) – Segundo o treinador da representação eslovaca de Jan Kozák, não há jogos amigáveis ​​no futebol.Embora a representação eslovaca não tenha feito chances significativas, não foi sublinhou no final. A cobertura da mídia após a

Bayern vs Arsenal hopes to beat: Mourinho with Chelsea with a knife on his neck

BRATISLAVA – Bayern Munich fans welcome the Arsenal Champions League midfielder Wednesday. Bavarians want their opponent to pay a 0: 2 loss two weeks ago and confirm the post of F-group leader. Attention should also be paid to the duel

The Paralympic Ceremony was nothing short of the classical one

LONDON – The opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London began with the XIV. Paralympic Games (PH). From Thursday, August 30th to next Sunday, September 9th, 4280 disabled handicapped athletes from 164 countries will fight in the city of

The Žilinčan in Piešťany fell: Buc scored two goals with unexpected win

PIEŠŤANY – The Žilinans have been threatened in a few seconds, when Kalol was shot after Dornic’s pass. The home team responded with Lušnák, who came to Lacom after Holovičova pass from behind the gate, but the score did not

The Hockey League Championship enters the play-off with a Slovakian seven

HELSINKI. The Ice Hockey League Championship, in which the Slovak representative of HC Košice has already finished the group stage, enters the deportation section on Tuesday. Of the original 44 teams, only sixteen remain in the game, the winner of

What Bondra has achieved in 14 years has taken Ovechkin nine

WASHINGTON. Russian Alexander Ovechkin definitely sent a record of Peter Bondra’s record in the number of Canadian points won in Washington Capitals. What the Slovaks did for fourteen years, the Russian managed nine. Bondra was still a recorder with 825

He’s wearing titanium inserts in his head. Bohemian catches sensationally

BRATISLAVA. When it goes through the airport control, it flashes. He’s wearing titanium inserts in the barrel that he’s been working on. It’s been nine years now that Ir Stephen Hunt did not shake his knee in his head. “Petr

We create a great tandem, thinking of working with Halák Neuvirth

NEW YORK. Czech ice hockey enthusiast Michal Neuvirth is looking forward to acting in New York Islanders. He became his new strength just before Monday’s NHL substitution. A twenty-year-old goalie thinks he could create a working tandem with the Slovakian

Hossa scored 60th in the season, Price equaled the club’s record

BRATISLAVA. The four Slovaks entered the five Sunday’s Canadian-American NHL games. The winner sports betting offers was Richard Pánik, Marián Hossa was scored. The 48-year-old striker has been assisted by a single goal of the Chicago Blackhawks that was played