Davis Cup: Kliman lost, Lacko scored the score

MINSK – After the Friday’s doubles of the Belarus-Slovakia match in the 2nd round of play-off to remain in Group I of the Euro-African Davis Cup Cup, the score is 1: 1. In the opening duel in Minsk Martin Kliman played home team leader Vladimir Ignatiko 6: 7 (9), 2: 6, 2: 6. Then Lukáš Lacko as a unit of hosts conquered Sergej Beth 6: 0, 6: 4, 6: 4.

Martin Klizan lost & uacute; vodn & uacute; double in 2:20 h. In the first game, he lost a tight 6: 7 (9) when he did not use & scaron; Ignatik is ranked 160th in the world ranked ATP, Kliman is located on the 255th posh.

Lacko is a valued player; ATP on the 76th Stage and without the vain & scaron; & problematic problems; pursue the papers & uacute; & uacute; lohu vs. 426.hr & aacute; chove syst & eacute; to Betov. In his personal & scaron tatistike in “& scaron; al & aacute mission” he got to 8: 9, of which in singles 8: 7.

Betov started to get a little nervous about what I used in the first session, I did not mistakes, I played sol & iacute, day and con scaron, tant, i & scaron, lo to r & yacute, chlo. I have been in the mood for a while, and I have always been a little scaron, and I have always liked it, and I have been in the middle of it. and I did well to finish it, and in the third time I almost got it, but Betov then you and scaron, and I’m gonna go to 3: 3.After that rebellion against me I was in scaron, if it was concentrated, I was rocked here and scaron, I had ten balls in a row and I was pretty much decided. I played in such a bad & scaron, at a trace rate, just as much as I needed. It was without any sort of hesitation and a sign of a possible turnaround, even up to that rebreak in the third set, “ said Luk & aacute; & scaron; Lacko and added: “The audience is managed as a standard & aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. The weather is here in scaron, and the cold & scaron, and even the game in it, is slow & scaron;

“Martin started mountain & scaron, but he reached out, led 5: 3. At the end of the first thing I set it in & scaron;He lost confidence and did not use the nyakut in the secret, jump 6: 3. He received two es & aacute; and then put it tight; & Acute; out & acute; in situ & aacute; that, if it was just enough to do it. Of course, he was the one and eacute; he did not bring comfort and self-confidence, and it was shattered, and Ignatik pushed him down from the eagle. Martin did not know how he did more cha yutes; b. In the Luk & aacute; & scaron; oom & aacute; passage it was seen that n & aacute; & scaron; tennis player is somewhat unexpected; kateg & oacute; riu & scaron; & scaron; ie. In the first session he did not give Beto & scaron ancu, but he did not want to give up and got to the action, a trance. From the second part, he was doing well. E & scaron; te & scaron; the luck that Luk & aacute; & scaron; he did not bend and docked it, and it was hard to reach the winner.At the end it was very tight and eacute; balanced & eacute; and he did, he played really nice and yacute; tennis, “ said: ” Nem & aacute; m health & yacute; whether in & yacute; d & ocirc; to change nominal & aacute; ciu. It will be crazy & yacute; point and would be very useful. “

Rudner & Biathlon Alexander & Scaron; at the release set, and said: “Vladimir Ignatik made his best & scaron; tennis.In the very difficult part of the first part of the first part, in which the team of players and scarons have set up, it has proven its strength and durability and helped it to make it harder and harder to do so. The remains of the two sets were already clearly marked & scaron; as he did, and he was sent, and he lived in victory. Sergei Betov today gave in & scaron what he could. “

” I had it’s a lot of fun because none of the top 100 members of the Top 100 have ever scared you. After a clear first set of stitched rocks, they are stitched; psycho & uacute; v & yacute; throw, which aacute; has also been screened for a meeting and a scaron meeting.In the second and third parts I loosened and the passport was already aligned and scarred, but it was not enough. “

to be kept in the service of the continent and the continent of the continent, and to remain inaccessible to the II.the third league in which Slovakia was last seen in 1996, and in the meantime, in 2005, it was fought until the finals and the whole competition under the Medzin & Aacute Foundation of Tennis Federation. p>

Sergei Betov – Luk & aacute; & scaron; Lacko 0: 6, 4: 6, 4: 6

Vladimir Ignatik – Martin Klizan 7: 6 (9) 6: 2

Belarus – Slovakia 1: 1 (after the first day)


Sunday (9.00 CET) – singles:
Vladimir Ignatik – Luk & aacute; & scaron; Lacko
Sergei Betov – Martin Klizan