Dojatý Krmenčík refused a hamburger’s reward for extra pounds

Representative Michael Krmencik scored his national team debut as the national team and scored a 2-1 win over Norway. It was the first Czech goal in the current world championship qualification. Plzeňský útočník was thus entitled to a reward from coach Karel Jarolím in the form of a hamburger. “I do not eat this. Our fitness trainer in Pilsen (Zdeněk Bečka) tells me that I have a pound more, so I will have to pay for it and then I will divorce Boys, “said Krmenčík after a match for journalists.

He was moved by the successful premiere in the national jersey. “I’m not overweight with this, so I was not nervous. Every footballer who has it in his head will say what he wants from the mobiili vedonlyönti bonus match.I went there with a goal and luckily it did. “

His coach Jaromír Zmrhal has been surprised by both the public and his rival.

” Mr Jarolím, he and Zmríkim us two days in advance He invited us to tell us what he wants us to do. When we both scored a goal, we looked at each other in disbelief and could not believe it, “Krmenčík described.

He scored himself in the 11th minute when he ran in pair with Ladislav “I’m a type of attacker who can burn this one too, but fortunately it fell.The first real touch with the ball and it ended with a goal, “ smiling.

In the game he went with a minimal match with his teammates, some of whom did not even meet on the pitch. We trained twice, so I did not know what to expect live vedonlyönti from boys. I know some of the twenty-one, but maybe with Tomas Sivok I had to look at some of his cuts to know how he plays. Mr. Jarolim told me what to do where to move, fortunately it paid off, “ described a twenty-three-year-old striker.

You do not realize your last successful weeks. my family. When they called me, my brother wrote me a touching message, which was frosting on my back.Now I’m not looking at my cell phone yet, but I would say that my cell phone will collapse and I will have to buy a new one, “said Krmenčík.

Congratulations to him and his teammates from Pilsen, who “I said that when I’m in a representation, they can end up with a career. Well, now that I’ve scored a goal, it really will end. Anyway, we’re ready to pay something. I like to pay for what they say, “he added.

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