Last minute, now penalty. He cut me down, said the awakened Red from Teplice

The Teplice striker Marek Červenka has revived and has scored four points in the last two matches. In Mlada Boleslav he was still in the role of the alternating player, who scored 1: 1 on the shot, now against Jihlava (1: 0) and he made a decisive penalty kick.

“The penalty was clear. After a beautiful balloon from Cuba Mountain, I was on my way to the goalie. I drew it on the back pole, but when I saw her approaching (Jihlava’s defender Antonin Rosa), I tried to jam the ball. I definitely said that if he did not do it, I’m going to the end of the game, “Marek Červenka described an important moment in 52 minutes after which Martin Fillo turned the penalty. .Are you satisfied?
“I am. It was not bad. He missed just a goal to make it even better. But three points are important, we just have to win at home. And if it’s 1: 0 or 5: 0, it does not matter. Only points are counted. For me personally, of course, there is something else to play from the beginning or to jump into the game, but I had a terrible taste to play and I was looking forward to. “

How do you perceive this chance? You’ve already made four points in the heat.
“I feel positive about this and I am glad that both matches have come out. But that’s not the end. I want to continue. We will see how the coach will decide on the next matches. “

Next time you play with the Slaves where you worked. It would be spicy, would not it?
“It will be a great match for everyone.If Slavia defeats Pilsen, so many people can come to us. Eden is a beautiful stadium, we can all enjoy. I’m looking forward to doing so. I still write with Škoďák and Bílčus (Milan Škoda and Jiří Bílek). When we were there, we went together for coffee. “(Laughs)

What is it that you get more chances now? Because it did not look pink in autumn…
“I do not know if it’s a question for me. I tried to work and it just did not come. I did not get a chance. I do not want to talk about it and comment on it. It must be a coach. “