Looking for Slavia with Pilsen. They laughed at Luke in the boiler, Tomas bothers China

Two salamis. Cool. Together they had a fit for the West of Bohemia, they already let go because one of them moved out of love for Slovakia. The second one is still mad with the dumbbells to keep fit, rents the property, is in peace. The twins are divided, but the Sport daily is back in the cluster for a while before the match. Tomáš and Lukáš Doškové passed through Pilsen and Slavia to Victoria, they knew them perfectly. “Let it be football, not martial arts,” the 38-year-old brothers wish.

Lukas will go directly to Eden, but no longer in the boiler, as he once did, but some fanatic jumped in the joy of his neck when the former excellent defender flew three rows down. Tomas turns on his computer, heats the internet and looks in the tracksuit in the living room.The Slavia-Viktoria match will also be seen by these twins who have gone through both clubs.

Luke, what were you doing in the boiler?

The pity gave the perfect score to the scissors, so there was a jolt of joy and someone jumped back from behind. Then people realized they did not recognize him. I’m having a bad knee, surgery behind, so I better get up and go. “

Is not it for you anymore?

Lukas: “Those boys are doing the chore as they all sit and then jump and cheer. I just stayed there, so the boss screamed at me to sit down. “I can not with those knees,” I answered him. It is difficult.I go sometimes to help a friend in the hotel at the reception, and I’ll treat him for two days, then we have a futsal team, after one match I do not go for two days. It’s funny. “(Laughs)

It’s a fact that these things are getting better.

But say what on Sunday. It seems to me that maybe it may be the biggest match of the spring, the direct battle of the title.

< > Tomáš: “Well, it will be a big match when it is already sold out on the Czech league. Slavia has a form, she plays really well, Viktorka last tied in Zlín, I do not know.”
Tomas: ” I know, just a week and everything It will be different. “

But what will certainly be different in a week is the structure of Slavia. What do you think?

If you think China is the big empire, yeah.
Tomas: “I do not like this much. It is true that they had been in the leadership of Czechs like Mr. Řebíček and it was worthless for him. These have a lot of money, but it comes to me that they have a bit of a hobby.Are there any Chinese people going there sometimes? “

Here I see them there.

Do it with those purchases or not?
Tomas: “If they only played Czech league, yes. But if they will have cups, then it is needed. “
Lukas: ” It’s too much. Every coach tells you he wants to have doubles and blah blah but we played the football and when you sit a month on the bench, so be your best character, you are completely golden, so you do not bother hard.
< strong> Tomas:
“I do not know, because I read how everyone wants to go to the cups.Now, on Monday I let go of Boleslav and Teplice, who wants to play there every year. But then a manchaft from the North Pole will arrive, and they will win for fourteen days. I think Slavia will go to the cups, but if it is to be a two pre-round, it does not make sense. “
Lukáš: ” To be strong, clearly, . If you want to play the top spot in the Czech league, you just need quality. “

Even in the Czech league?

Lukas: “I do not know, I look at it, I see where the guys walk with the kickers, that’s the same schönerwetter spieler (players in good weather) When they see the colors…Thank God I’m not playing anymore, this is nothing for me. “

But good players are here, that’s all right.

Lukas: “That’s how I look at Sparta, and when we played against it, they were the same players, the best players in the league and they had something behind. I do not play with an expert with these paintballs, I have no blog anywhere, but you can see it. “
Tomas: ” Sparta is a lot weaker than it used to be. A lot. “
Lukas: ” But on the other hand, I have to say that I would not shoot it out of title fight as I read somewhere. After two games, for God’s sake, shoot Sparta? “

Well, what if he does not have Slavia and Victoria.
Luke: “I take it completely differently.I remember Pilsen when we played there, we had twenty million a year, a runway was running around the playground…”
Tomáš: ” Yeah, the speedway…They did not really buy There are no players, nothing, except somebody out of the county, then young boys go. “(Laughs)

Time is changing, but not good?
Luke: “Sure, it’s a bomb when I see the stadium in Struncak and the way the titles are played, Europe. The same Slavia, a beautiful stadium, is also thriving now, Škoda is shooting, Deli is excellent at the back. “

We will end, guys. So tell me how this will happen?
Lukas: “Maybe 5: 5, especially if it’s good football.”
Tomas: “Slavia is a favorite, but I agree with my brother.Especially if you can look at it. “

> Born:
/ strong> 198 matches / 4 goals
What he does now: He owns properties in Vinohrady and behind Prague, which he rents. Sometimes he helps at the reception with a friend at a hotel, but he is not employed anywhere.


Career: Viktoria Plzen, Slavia, Rapid Vienna, Artmedia Bratislava, September 1978 (38 years)
Czech league league: 275 matches / 78 goals
Wife to Slovak Hlohovec, where he still has a lower competition. She lives as a representative of a company that sells floor coverings