Running Bystričania overlooking Košice and Nitra: Hetrikom sa zaskvel Lunter

BANSKÁ BYSTRICA – The home made a hussar. After the round before they went outside Kosice, they advised at home with another table better team. After two-thirds, they stepped forward for three points. They lead three goals, the match was firmly held in their power, and only the miracle could have been done differently. Nitranom did not play under Urpín at all. To their pitch they did not attack Lunter, who could collect ice caps in the 32nd min for a heroic goal.

‘Baranom’ took the third attack, the victorious machine that literally charmed. In the 18th minute four-to-four play, Lunter rejoiced for the first time in Nádasddi, and in the 25th minute, Professor after a short hand over the Lakosil close to the second time, and the fruit of his shot power was fully enjoyed at 32.min after the beautiful finish of the separate ride. Meanwhile, he pushed back in the 27th minute after an acommoblience of a puck between the Lamper concrete and Nitrania pushed back in the 26th minute only after Tománka’s shot, deserved high play. In the second third, in addition to breaking the goal pocket, the passion of Bacu made a passion for Martin, after which the Nitriansky ice defender had to rush out of the ice. The home team was able to miss the power-ups, did not take advantage of a 35-second two-player game and did not use a five-minute game. In the third third the ‘barani’ solved the favorable development with certainty, the score could have been in the lead in 43. mi White, on the other side the Košaristan did not get too involved and without bigger complication the game was captured.

Vladimír Országh, coach B.Bystrice: “We are happy with the result, but not everything was ideal for us.” He held the goalkeeper Košaristan, we assuaged the third attack, Mário Lunter also scored a hetrik, hockey at the moment. “

em> “Our players did not have the patience, did not keep tactics and did not have a heart to assert themselves in front of the opponent’s goal. They let themselves get rid of the game, honestly prevented and did not escape the individual mistakes, and Lakosil has shown us several good interventions. I have to study Bacchus Faul, I did not think he would lift an elbow.”

< I put it in place of a cap. It was my life struggle. Just before him, Misho Hudec undertook, I say hello and I managed to do it. That foul Bau to Martin was blatant and disgusting. Two victories over the table highs are good, we put a high bar and we confirmed it against Nitra. "

Andrej Košaristan, goalkeeper B. Bystrice:

< em> “It was great, we got to the best, I hope so. I felt pressure, it was necessary to stay with the ground and I did it.After the first goal we were calm and the game was constantly under the control. We did not let our opponents get into the power games where they are strong. “