Slovak hockey players will receive 5000 Euros per month in Kazakhstan

BRATISLAVA. Slovak hockey has more than a hundred players in foreign leagues in the season, and one good extralig team would also be made by hockey players who skate in clubs in the remote Kazakhstan.

“Our team, Irtys Pavlodar, would be in the top half of the table in the Slovak extralige,” said Július Pénzeš, coach. The native of Poprad has led the team to two titles in the last two years, with a list of 13 Slovaks already ahead of the new year.

These days, Irtys is preparing for Slovakia, winning Martin on Friday 2: 1. Payments go on time

Pénzeš worked for many years in Dukla Trenčín as his assistant participated in the 2004 extralig title and also played in the 2007 final.His trainer work is also known in Poprad, Martine, Žilina.

In the summer of 2012, he was drawn to Kazakhstan.

“I wanted to try something new,” said a 58-year-old coach. “The conditions in the Slovak extralige were more complicated from one year to the next, and in Žilina, as a coach, I went to companies to make money. The player was late for payouts. We have no such problems in Pavlodar. Boys can fully concentrate on hockey. “

Irtys has a major sponsor of a state-owned oil company, a budget of around four million euros. The average player earnings are 5000 Euros, payouts go on time.In the Slovak extralige they also have neither the financial conditions nor the Košice championship.

The Russians, Finns, Czechs, Canadians, Americans also play ten Kazakh league teams. In the new season, the limit is that eight domestic hockey players and five young men have to play. Leaders Hujsa and Zálešák In the final of last year Pavlodar won over Arlan Kokšetau, who is training Pénzešov former colleague from Poprad Vladimír Kling and in the team has five more Slovaks.

“In Kazakhstan, the hockey teams are playing more harshly than in our country, more skating, shrinking and less tactics,” said a Slovak coach who quickly refreshed Russian from school years. “So I tried to change the game a little bit.The team accepted it. “

Pénzeš is assisted by Kazakh assistant Roman Krivomazov, who was caught in Liptovsky Mikuláš nine years ago. In Pavlodar, it is obvious that Martin and Hujs or Miroslav Zálesak are the third titles behind them.

“Before this season, I tried to add a team to younger players, I typed the attackers Samuel Mlynarovič, Martin Belluš, Tomáš Staňa,” he said. Martin Čakajík experienced the defense.

The best Kazakh team, Barys Astana, with Slovak goalkeeper Ján Lacom, plays in KHL, in the upper Russian leagues VHL brought coach Dušan Gregor to the triumph of Saryarka Karaganda. There are ten teams in the home league.He wants a hetrik

Pavlodar is a 380-thousandth city in the northwest of the country, a three-thousand-year winter stadium is mostly filled.

“I had to get used to long distances,” Pénzeš said, living in the sixth largest city of Kazakhstan. “We’ve got our nearest rival, four hundred miles away, flying five hundred miles behind. I live in a housing estate near a stadium where everything can be bought. I do not need a car. Most of the players have chosen similar accommodations. “

In our free time in the summer, our trainer is most often on the beach by the river Irtys. The stiff winter does not interfere with him, she likes her rather than a chinchilla. He / she keeps contact with his / her nearest skype.Players are the most difficult to take away from families. The attacker Peter Húževka played only 21 games two years ago and returned home.

“I still have a contract for a year, I would like to end it with the winning hetrik,” added Pénzeš. “I am happy in Kazakhstan. The results of my robot are visible and it is important that no one interferes with it. “Slovaks in Pavlodar: