Slovan won a valuable victory in Magnitogorsk

Discuss: 0: 3 for 2 min, power play and weakness: 0: 0, decided by: Odiñš (Lot.), Dejev – Majtak, Pronskich (all Russians)

BRATISLAVA. Hockey players of Slovan Bratislava surprisingly won the Friday match of the Continental League on Ice favored by Magnitogorsk 3: 2.

The hosts laid the foundation for the success of Andrej Šťasný and Ladislav Nagyas in the first third, in the middle of the match Patrik Lušňák increased to 3: 0.

The home team only reduced to 2: 3 in the remaining time.

Slovan has returned his opponent’s recent 2: 5 loss from his own ice.

“Belasi” have 23 points out of 19 of this season’s KHL matches on their account and 12th place in the Western Conference table.

The closest will be on Sunday 11.October on Ice Lady Togliatti (15.00 CET), which will be their third appearance within the four-match string at opponents.

At 17 October, they will be staying home against Jugre Chanty-Mansijsk.

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In Magnitogorsk there has been a fast and offensive hockey game with a lot of chances on both sides of the climbing track since the beginning of the game.

The first time they could hit the home when they got to 2-on-1 in 3 minutes but Kaletnik did not finish well. On the other hand, a nice combination was played by the fourth guest formation, but it was not enough to finish.

“Belasi” made some slight pressure in the next few minutes, but on 10th they could win on Antipino’s chance, but they were saved by Brust.

The audience got their opening goal in the 13th minute, but into their own network.Birjukov made a big deal behind the goal when he won Ticara, who found himself among the circles of Happy, who took advantage of the offered chance.

Two minutes lead Slovan 2: 0. Nagy’s first missile just missed the goal, but it was compensated for a few seconds later when Ruro’s attempt was on the network.

The home coach then took Košeckina and sent Samson to his goal. At the end of the third, Zaripov could have reduced, but Brust again turned.

The second deed has begun the unfortunate intervention of the Viennese, which was fired by the stick in the air and hit Filippi’s face. Since the blood appeared on ice, the center of the guests was given 2 + 2 minutes.

However, Slovan’s long defeat has been steady and his opponent has not let go of the chances. At 27.Minute rescued the guests after firing Potechina.

Slovan, Lušňák bravely hit the puck between the two defending players, slipped through them and swept through the Samson net.

However, the three-goal lead did not last for 20 seconds. The guests were punished by free Kaletkin, who did not hesitate before the goalkeeper.

The home team wanted to make a sudden effort, but instead made their way to the right side and did no good.

In the end, Nagy was in good shape, but Samson had a badge for him.

The Nemorost, who had already been on the ice of the goalkeeper, could hesitate in 45 minutes, but hesitated at a one-hundredth chance.For two minutes, Brust disrupted Mozy’s good attempt.

The Slovan has already focused on defending the two-goal lead. For a long time, he survived the exclusion of Jegli and the great pressure of Metallurg, for a minute and a half before the end of the cashing.

Osala ran the shot of Antipino – 2: 3. However, the guests scored a bit and scored five points after five games. More results – Friday:

Goals: 57. Kiselevich – 15. Alayev, 15. Dvurechenskij, 54. Daugaviņš, 60. Galuzin 34. Varnakov, 38. Zacharčuk – 12. and 24. Horak, 2. M. Afinogenov, 28. Kempe

Goals: 15. Joensuu, 42. Jormakka, 60. Huhtala

Pestusko, 19. Barancev, 33. Tereščenko, 50. M. Robinson

Goals: 22. Soin, 26. Chlystov – 1. Bjorkstrand, 5. Smoleňák, 9. Genoway, 29. Kinrade, 43.Giliati KRAJ! #Medvjedi su pobijedili @hcsalavatyulaev u gostima 2-5 i ponovo uzeli velika 3 boda u Ufi !! #medvescak – KHL Medvescak Zagreb (@KHL_MedvescakZG) October 9, 2015

Goals: 22. Gubarev, 28. Pestunov, decisive sam. Reach Rybakov – 13. M. Redlihs, 40. Indrašis – Dinamo Riga (@hcDINAMORIGA) October 9, 2015 Online transfer III. Thirds

The home hockey players continued to play hard, but the third goal was not shot at the final.

The home is less than 2 minutes before the end of the game without a goalkeeper.

Slovan has survived the torture of the home game, with several races a bit of luck.

There are 6 minutes remaining and guests still have a great result.

V 47.Minute, Brust enjoyed Mozjakin when his ending swing from the axis of the glider hides his skid into his catcher.

In 45 minutes, Slovan could not get hit by Miklik’s goal, but he did not miss the exposed part of Samson’s gate. On the other hand, Zaripov shot hard, but Brust narrowed his shooting angle.

The last third opened with a great pressure at home, the Slovan still resists, but can not be satisfied with just throwing a puck. II. Thirds

Also due to the continued compact performance of the players, Metallurgu did not lose any “hockey hell” in front of Brust, although they are logically more active. However, Slovan does so responsibly and only exceptionally carefully.That’s why the state is favorable after two-thirds for the guests.

In the 27th minute Mozjakin scored even the right hand of Brust’s goal.

The Slovan played well in defeat and defended the numerous advantage, but the home team got into the game rhythm thanks to the long advantage of one player, and in the next few minutes the Slovan was unpleasantly concealed.

The second third began. Slovan has to defend 4-minute home game. I. third

The end of the first act. The opening third was for the Slav as a dream. As long as the righteous riders continue to follow the set trend, Magnitogorsk will take the victory.However, it is still 40 minutes to finish.

Well, Nagy was right to combine with Surova, but Captain Slovan got the two-goal lead away.

Immediately after the goal, Košečkin is leaving home and his place is only 18-year-old Ilja Samsonov.

The visitors were astonished, and after 14 minutes Ladislav Nagy was able to get a chance.

However, Tomas Filippi, the Czech legionnaire in the Metallurg jersey, came in the 10th minute. His goal-ending goal, fortunately, was not over.

Slovan is the most active team in the first half of the opening third. Guests stay well in the middle zone and try to make quick breaks. The chance for one or the other side has not been seen yet.

The match started.Slovan gets the same composition as in the last match against Ufe. The only one in the gate got the space from the beginning, Brust, who did not add to the gate at Ufe.