Successful Götzis. Klučinová, Helcelet and Sýkora have secured the Olympics

The Czech Olympic expedition has grown by three militants. At the athletic meeting in Götzis the limits were fulfilled by Eliška Klučinová, Adam Sebastian Helcelet and Jiří Sýkora, who also flashed with the performance of 8121 points. This improved his personal record by a total of 194 points and took sixth place.

The latest tables.

The Junior World Champion of 2014 Sýkora has completed the competition at the limit of his options, but he has not stumped it.In the hundreds behind his own top of a hundred, personal records improved on obstacles and especially in the final fifteen hundred, in which he improved for almost six seconds. His current record was 7927 points, the limit for starting in Rio de Janeiro surpassed by 21 points. Helcelet was more moderate to confirm the Olympic start, as Limit A met last year. In the competition, which was affected mainly by the rain and wind, he collected 8050 points.

Klucinova experienced the first seventh season as a swing.

The race for the 100m hurdles managed by default, but then there was a drop in the jump to a height where it surpassed only 177 cm, although its personal record is 13 cm higher.She made a personal record in the ball of the balls (15,21), and she did the same for the two hundred (24,41) in the final discipline of the first day.

In the long jump, the Czech record player had the only valid attempt , But 625 cm is its better standard. But she was glad to have swapped 40 meters in the last series, although she could throw more than ten meters away. In addition, Klučinova was visibly tortured with a sore elbow. In the final eighth, she showed an average time of 2: 19,30.

“I’m terribly tired, today it was tough because of the weather,” Klucinova pointed out for the winter, rain and wind. Dropouts may have been due to a sore knee. “It is possible that I lean on the leg, and it showed up at a height and a javelin, which was terrible.I started at 32 meters, it’s sad, “criticized Klucinova, who is waiting in Kladno for two weeks.

Sedmiboj: (100 m: 12,93 – height: 183 – balls: 13,71 – 200 m: 23,33 – longitude: 656 – spear: 47,74 – 800 m: 2: 10,98) -Admidina (Lot.) 6622, 3. Schäferová (Germany) 6557,… 11. Klučinová (CZ) 6182 21 – 24,41 – 625 – 40,51 – 2: 19,30).