Tešovič after the debut Bob: I’m not Plačko

CALGARY, BRATISLAVA. Slovak Bobara get heavy reinforcements weight: exmajstra World Weightlifting.But for Martina Tešoviča premiere of Bob he fell only slightly less accident-prone than the recent Olympic final performance in weightlifting.

On his third Olympic competition in Beijing because of injury walk, while his first competition at Bob just did not finish.

Slovak pair Milan Jagnešák – Martin Tešovič in Friday’s fourth round of the American Cup in Calgary, Canada after the first two runs, which finished sixth, the jury disqualified overweight.

Bobsleigh rules for determining two threshold levels, the machine and the crew are counted together: the dvojbob is set to the minimum weight and maximum 170 to 390 kg.Jagnešák with TĚŠOVICE along with Bob weighed after the first run of 300 grams above the norm. Therefore, the jury did not let the other.

In the weightlifting sport weighing prevents competition, while Bob’s followed up immediately after driving.

“Boby have weighed more in Park City. We thought that we dvojkilogramovú reserve, “said pilot Milan Jagnešák SITA. He also cited his alleged statement by the tears of the world champion in weightlifting Maťa Tešoviča not allow him to sleep the next night.

“That’s nonsense,” responded our interview Tešovič. “Jagnešák said that although we had a limit of only 300 g ridiculous, would not help even tears.That’s the difference. “

” I’m pancakes, “ringfences the brakeman Martin, a longtime leader of the Slovak Weightlifting holder seventeen medals from world and European championships. “I did not cry even incomparably heavier moments, what I experienced during their career. Moreover, it was not my fault. And who knows, if the weight had not properly calibrated. “

Tešovič currently weighs 105 kg, the pilot’s weight is estimated at 104.” How heavy is our Bob, truly do not know. Yet is it about the sport I have enough to learn and focus on the main thing is expected of me, “he adds.

Spiritus rector Slovak bobsleigh sport Milan Jagnešák after light Athletes (o. I.Róbert Kresťanko, Marián Vanderka, Andrej Benda, Marcel Lopuchovský) took aim at the heavy athlete.

Severe athletics in the former sense theorists sport was well or especially weightlifting.

Jagnešák not trochar, moreover, successfully defied his youth alone, well in the hunt for the lifter pointed trophy antlers.

“He broke me almost four years,” admits Tešovič. “After the Beijing Olympics, however, I came time for me to try.”

Martin in the Post-Olympic wandering with her daughter after Italy stopped in Cesane where the Slovak Bobara just the simulator preparing for the season.Then with them he went to the German Königsee.

There he first sat down to beans. In thirty-four years. Initially only in the so-called. taxi-driving. Even with another ace Slovak sport phenomenal scorer Jozef Gönci, who could not resist and went to see friends Friday’s competitive debut in Bob to Calgary.

“It was pohodička,” he said Tešovič us to phone the question about feelings during competition premieres. “Before the start I was nervous, what everyone who fits into the water. The track has a lot of experience you have. You bent over, you head flying and fighting congestion. “

The key is to start.Jagnešák who sat in dvojbob a Christian, decided to try other partners. Calgary rode in one day with David Rolette, who succeeded the French representation in Slovak, and the next day with Těšovice. It relies on his strength and hard work explosiveness, an important adhesion strength, as they say with the initial displace beans.Trust in the perfect song could be weightlifting duo.

“start was not bad, but not great, commensurate with what I have for you,” said Tešovič. “I was one tenth slower than the infinitely more experienced blinds.”

Slovak national team competed in the American tour in two Olympic water slides: first in Park City (Salt Lake City), then in Calgary. Tešovič managed only the second Canadian portion.

“I drove, I unfortunately only three runs: two training and competitive one,” summarized the.Yesterday already flown home on Friday because it is waiting for the start of the Austrian league weightlifting.

“I am and I remain primarily a weightlifter, I paid for it,” he recalls. “However, the main weightlifting event Post-Olympic year, the World Cup will be until the fall, I would like this winter departure Bob majority of European Cup, which will decide whether we will be able to next season start in the World Cup.”

only from you can qualify for the Vancouver winter Olympics, 2010.Martin does not deny that start on it it attracts: “It would be a certain patch on the Beijing wounds.”

When we got him on the disqualification in bobsleigh premiere asked whether the pitch goes, promptly responded: “They say: bad start, good ending. “

Jagnešák puzzled me almost four years. Up to the Beijing Olympics, however, I came time for me to try. Martin Tešovič, Slovak Olympian