The Czechs could not even beat Turkey and finish the championship

Decided by: Collum (Scotland) – MacGraith (Ireland), Connor (Scotland), ŽK: Plašil, D. Pavelka, Šural – Koybasi, Balta . Perišič – 7. Morata

Decided by: Kuipers – Van Roekel, Zeinstra (all Hol.), ŽK: 29. Rog, 70. Vrsaljko, 70. Srna, 88.Perišič (all Chor.)

LENS. Czech football players lost in the D-group’s Turkey key 0: 2, with the European Championships racing on the base stage.

In the table, they ranked fourth with a single point.1.Chorvátsko32105: 37 b2.Španielsko32015: 26 b3.Turkey31022: 43 b4.Česko30122: 51 b

The Turks are waiting for progressive progress between teams from third places.

The group dominated the Croats, who played at the stadium In Bordeaux, the Spanish continental champions 2: 1. Read also: Read also: Croatia has overtaken Spain and progressed from first place to Voice after match:

However, this result will mean that the security of participation between šestn The best of Northern Ireland.1113: 34 b2.Several Ireland31022: 23 b3.Turkey31022: 43 b4.Albania31021: 33 b5.Portugal20201: 12 b6.Sweden20111: 21 b

Energybet sporting bet At the same time It meant that Turkey would be in the third table worse than Albania (3 points, a score of 1: 3), which would increase the chance for a sensational advance.1.Spanielsko33005: 09 b2.Chorvátsko31113: 34 b3.Turecko31021: 43 b4.Česko30122 : 41 b

If Chorváti with Spaniels draw, the Czechs will not finish better than the third ones in any victory.Even so, they could pass with four points.

At the meeting in Geneva they needed to win, but they still played 0: 2 for a quarter hour before the end. But the fantastic finisher meant their 3: 2 triumph and progress further.

“The memories are not nice, but it was a long time ago,” said one of the memoirs of the then defending defenseman Michal Kadlec.Loading…

However, Energybet online betting tips they paid for an important point by wounding Tomáš Rosický, who has not Energybet online sports betting injured after a muscular injury.

Most of his tasks should be taken over by Vladimir Darid. “I have been on a similar footing in Herthe Berlin several times, I’m not afraid I could not do that, we have to deal with Rosicky’s absence, I believe we can do it and we will make it to the winning end.We will fight for him as well, “said Darida. Read also: Read also: Rosicky has a broken thigh muscle, he has overtaken the championship

The theoretical chance for the third place is still alive.

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“We did not fight, did not fight. I have never accepted such performance of the team and will not even be.I’m very angry, this is not a big event, “said Fatih Terim, Turkish coach, following a duel with the Spaniards and advising on changes in the game.1 Spain: 2002 b2. / P>

Will be decided by Scottish William Collum.

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