The Hockey League Championship enters the play-off with a Slovakian seven

HELSINKI. The Ice Hockey League Championship, in which the Slovak representative of HC Košice has already finished the group stage, enters the deportation section on Tuesday.

Of the original 44 teams, only sixteen remain in the game, the winner of the European premiere will be known on February 3, 2015. Seven Slovak hockey players will be presented in the eight final. Záborský proti Fribourgu

The biggest Slovak hockey team in Sparte Prague, which is expecting the eight-time doubles match with Linköping in Sweden.

The Prague team is the only Czech representative in the decommissioning part.In Sparta, goalkeeper Rastislav Staňa, defenders Marek Ďaloga, Juraj Mikuš and strikers Martin Réway and Lukáš Cingeľ are in play.

In the Finnish team, IFK Helsinki performs striker Tomas Záborský, the club from the capital of Finland is waiting for a double-match with the Swiss HC Friborg-Gottéron.

The two-member team of Lukko Rauma and TPS Turku have joined the October match. Austrian teams are waiting for rivals from northern Europe, Vienna Capitals are set against Kärpätu Oulu, who fought the playoffs from the “košická” A-group.

Red Bull Salzburg meets against Swedish Lulee Slovak striker Petr Cehlák. One of the referee of Servette Geneva – SaiPa Lappeenranta will be Vladimir Baluska.At two matches, Slovakian HC Košice did not fight in the relegation part when he finished in the non-stop 3rd place in the basic A-group. The eighth finals are played for two games, the rewards are on November 11th.

Go to the next round by the team that gets more points in double-scoring. In the case of the same profit, the score decides, in contrast to the football matches, the goals on the opponent’s playgrounds are the same weight as in the home.

If the scores are the same, then there will be a 10-minute extension or separate raids.(Finland) / 17.30 /

TPS Turku (FIN) – Lukko Rauma (FIN) / TPS Turku (FIN) / Krakow Oulu

JAP Jyväskylä (FIN) – AIK Skelleftea (SWE) /17.30/

Tappara Tampere (Fin) – Frölunda Indians Sparta Prague (CR, Rastislav Staňa, Martin Réway, Lukáš Cingeľ, Marek Ďaloga, Juraj Mikuš, 18.00) – HC Linköping (SWU) /18.00/

Servette Geneva (CHE) – SaiPa Lappeenranta (Fin) /19.45,, decides by V. Baluska /

HC Friborg-Gottéron (CH Switzerland) – IFK Helsinki (Fin., Tomas Záborský) /19.45/

Lulea Hockey (Red., Peter Cehlárik) – Red Bull Salzburg (AUT) /20.05/ Play-off dates