The Paralympic Ceremony was nothing short of the classical one

LONDON – The opening ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in London began with the XIV. Paralympic Games (PH). From Thursday, August 30th to next Sunday, September 9th, 4280 disabled handicapped athletes from 164 countries will fight in the city of Thames with 503 medal sets in 20 sports.The number of athletes and participating countries is a new PH record.

The opening ceremony was called Enlightenment. Directors Jenny Sealey and Bradley Hemmings have allegedly been working for him for several years. It was a celebration of the inspirational spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games that shifts the perceptions of human abilities and abilities.More than 3,000 adults and hundreds of children took part in the program.

Sixteen minutes after the start of the ceremony British Queen Elizabeth II came to terms. Following was the solemn rallying of the British National Flag and after it began the main part of the three-hour program – the sport of all the participating countries. They came to the stadium area in alphabetical order, the first came from the athlete from Afghanistan.

The Slovak expedition entered the stadium area as one hundred thirty-four. Its flagship operator was visually impaired cyclist Vladislav Janovjak. Behind it was about 60 members of the Slovak expedition – athletes and escorts.Among them are those who are awaiting competitions in the morning – sports shooter Veronika Vadovičová, archer Imrich Lyocsa and table tennis players. Missing Spaniard Hana Kolníková, who has fewer health problems.

The largest expedition to China was sent to London, with 569 members accompanied, the British home was the third largest group with a total of 525 people, two more had the USA . In the end, Defille has given tribute to all the disabled athletes, the blind soprano, Denise Leigh, with the song Spirit of Motion.

Sportsmen were briefly greeted by LOCOG chairman Sebastian Coe and President of the International Paralympic Committee, Sir Philip Craven. 13 minutes after midnight CEST Queen Elizabeth II.presented the official opening form. As part of the opening ceremony, as in the Olympics, the Paralympic Flag was erected. The stadium area was brought to her by eight basketball players from the UK basketball team, with the sound of the paralympic anthem on the mast. As well as at the Olympics, they now follow promises of loyalty to fair play by athletes (Liz Johnson – swimmer), arbitrators (Richard Allcroft) and David Hunter for the first time ever.

August, a ceremonial firefighting ceremony took place at the stadium in Stoke Mandeville, England. They formed from four torches lit on August 24 in London, August 25 in Belfast, August 26 in Edinburgh, and August 27 in Cardiff.This act symbolized the combination of fire from all parts of the United Kingdom – England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales into a single entity.

Stoke Mandeville as a meeting of the four flames was not selected randomly. This city is the “birthplace” of the Paralympic Games. Sir Ludwig Guttmann organized the first sport competitions for rehabilitation veterans in the year 1948. World War I at the same time as the London Olympics. A 580 runner took part in the relay race at the 87-mile track at the Olympic Stadium.

The Olympic stadium came from “the sky”.He was brought to Joe Townsend, a paralympic triathlete attached to a lane stretched over a stadium, but he will be able to start his sport for up to four years when the triathlon reaches PH. He handed over to David Clark, who will start playing football in London and the last member of the relay was Margaret Maughan – the gold medalist from the first PH in Rome in 1960. Like on XXX Games.the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Fire make up 164 beaches symbolizing 164 participating countries connected to one big flame.

The ceremony ended with a spectacular fireworks.

The Paralympic Ceremony in nothing left behind the classic

 The Paralympic Ceremony has nothing to do behind classical

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