The stadium commission insists on the Bohemians 1905 flaw

In the absence of Saturday’s 16th round of the first league between Bohemians Prague 1905 and Plzeň clearly, according to the Commission, the FAČR stadiums and play areas are clearly a failure of the home team. Therefore, the Commission proposes that the League Football Association be banned from organizing the warm-up of the competition.

The match was postponed on Saturday, shortly before the planned 19:45 kick-off, due to the frozen lawn, .According to the committee, problems could have been avoided if the Vršovice club worked correctly with lawn heating.

“The Commission is of the opinion that the organizer of the game has experienced a very serious mistake when using the heating system, / I> said the chairman of the commission Rostislav Votík. “The weather conditions were by no means extreme, so that the incompetence of the playing surface was the cause of the delay in the early start of the heating system.At other stadiums where the heating system was used correctly, the game played on high-quality terrains, “added Votík.

Bohemians leadership refuses. ” We admit that the terrain in the goalposts But we are of the opinion that everyone in the club did the utmost to carry out the struggle and was supposed to take place, “said Dariusz Jakubowicz, Chairman of the Board. ” If the frost is outside, heating will not help us in the short term. Nature can not go. Definitely there were no ice pieces, snow. It was a pitch that corresponds to 3.December “, he added.

After the postponement, speculation was made that Pilsen was pushing for the postponement. ” We want to distance ourselves from speculation about the reluctance to play the game itself, or even to put pressure on The main referee of the postponement of the duel itself, “said Viktorie spokesman Vaclav Hanzlík. ” The Bohemians clearly did not do the utmost to make the duel happen. With warming, we have a wealth of experience from our own stadium, a good turf we encountered, for example, in European Cups in significantly colder climates.Overall, we are convinced that the home simply did not warm up, “he added.

According to Votík, the situation needs to be resolved so that similar problems will not occur in the spring, as the competition will begin in the middle of February “The fact that the game was not played under these conditions creates the basis for a very dangerous precedent that can occur in the spring rounds and significantly impairs the rigor of the competition,” says Votík. P>

The Commission therefore proposes that everything be entered in detail in the schedule of the competition. “The Commission offers the LFA, as it was before the 2015/16 season, a material that clearly lays down the obligations of the organizer of the match in relation to “

The LFA will deal with the case at the Tuesday’s session of the League of Nations.