The Žilinčan in Piešťany fell: Buc scored two goals with unexpected win

PIEŠŤANY – The Žilinans have been threatened in a few seconds, when Kalol was shot after Dornic’s pass. The home team responded with Lušnák, who came to Lacom after Holovičova pass from behind the gate, but the score did not change.

The third Piešťanský attack then whirled the “carousel”, but Holovič, Stupka and Lushnk only moved to Laca. In the 10th minute he found himself in Tomek’s goal, when the shot went down after Lešek and Jarab reached the net, before the game was interrupted. After another action, guests burned next Kalla again and a third of Harring and Lušňák’s attempts.

Kalla was at taste and tried Tomek in the introduction of the second part.The home team replied with Holovič, who tried to overcome Laca from behind the goal, and the subsequent Borker finished on the body wall. At 32 minutes, the puff Saliji, Šišovský flipped, but Laco was again attentive. In 34 minutes the home of the lone Vargas, Buc and the player from Zilina opened with Tomme’s concrete score – 0: 1. The guests took control of the ice and the score could be made by Novák and Dlouhý, but they did not arrive in the taps.

By J. Ručkay, who was on the Bartánus – Nemec axis, stood alone before Lacom. Even Lušňák did not arrive, who escaped in weakness, but he also did not get to Laca. Subsequent attack came under Varga and Buc increased to 2: 0 for Žilina. In the 54th sports betting offers minute, Puck Holovič beat him to the pole and surprised everyone after Lacom 1: 2.Instead of pressure, the guests came to attack, Long pushed the puck from the blue line and the Žilinians again led two goals – 1: 3. Piešťany subsequently got the opportunity to play the game, but they have called the goalkeeper, but Lušňák broke the stick, Buc went past Drgoňa and set the empty gate to the final 1: 4.

ŠHK 37 Piešťany – MsHK DOXXbet Žilina 1: 4 (0: 0, 0: 1, 1: 3)
Goals: 54. Holovich – 34. T. Varga (D. Buc, Marcel Sterbak) 51. Buc (T. Varga) 56. Long (Linet, Jarab), 59. Buc (T. Varga)
Exclusion: 3: 4 for 2 min, extra: Ručkay (Piešťany) 10 min. 0: 1, defeat: 0: 1, decided by: Kubuš – Kacej, Tour, 1251 spectators

Piešťany: Tomek – A. Drgon, Valábik, R. Filip, Brňák, Biro, Skadra, Cuník, A. Hruška – Šišovský, Melichárek, S.Saliji – M. Bartanus, V. Nemec, J. Ručkay – Stupka, Holovič, Lušňák – Haring, Mišura, J.


Žilina: Lacko – Ostrčil, Bajaník, Rúfus, Marcel Šterbák, Dlouhý, Leško, Žicho, Hriňa – I. Dornič, Kalla, F. Novák – T. Varga, Klouda, D. Buc – Jarab, Linet, Drevenák – A. Lipovský, Valášek , Kropáč

Milan Klement, coach Piešťan: “Our first third was good for the spectator’s eyes but without a goal best bet offers effect. we got it, we got a goal. In the third third there was an unnecessary exclusion of Jakub Ručkaya, the bad pass of Brňák and our opponent we practically helped win.

Ján Neliba, coach of Žilina: “The home had a great start, we played but did not do anything. We played patiently and gave the first goal that was important for the development of the whole game. The decisive element of the match was goalkeeper Marek Laco, who has held us several times. “

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