We create a great tandem, thinking of working with Halák Neuvirth

NEW YORK. Czech ice hockey enthusiast Michal Neuvirth is looking forward to acting in New York Islanders. He became his new strength just before Monday’s NHL substitution.

A twenty-year-old goalie thinks he could create a working tandem with the Slovakian Jaroslav Haláček, the current goalkeepers at the club in Long Island.

“Jaro Halak is enjoying a great season, he is a great goalkeeper,” he said praisingly to the new Slovak teammate Neuvirth.

“I think we’re going to create a great tandem with Jarom, and I hope we go a long way in the play off,” he told the Overseas Media. Last year he was replaced by Halak. The Islanders won Neuvirth from Buffalo in exchange for Chad Johnson’s goalkeeper and the 3rd.Round of the draft.

The guy surprised first, but then he was pleased. From the weakest NHL club, he headed to an ambitious team that, given the many talented players, has the whole future ahead.

Neuvirth said he found out about the trade watching TV while eating sushi with his teammates. #BUFTrade -CR pic.twitter.com/6QDqUq7SAr – Buffalo Sabers (@BuffaloSabres) March 2, 2015

“I just enjoyed sushi when one of my teammates warned me to watch the TV. That’s when I saw they changed me, “Neuvirth said.

“It was a shock for me, but I take it as a great opportunity, I have a chance to capture the play off,” he continued.

He started his journey in the NHL in 2009 in Washington.He was replaced by Capitals as part of a bigger pack in Buffalo – paradoxically just for Halak. He should develop more pressure

On the fact that the Sabers are experiencing a catastrophic year, Neuvirth has relatively robust statistics. We have 27 meetings in the weak team. He had an average of 2.99 goals per match and a hit rate of 91.8 percent. And in February, even 93.8 percent.

The Islanders trainers are expecting him to make more pressure on Halak than Johnson did. Several selected interventions by Michal Neuvirth.

“I always knew that I could catch on the profileig level and perform balanced performances,” said the native of Ústí nad Labem.

“I liked Buffalo, and I will miss the players, but I’m looking forward to a new challenge.The Islanders have skilled hockey players and excellent teammates. I believe we will be high in the play-off. “