What Bondra has achieved in 14 years has taken Ovechkin nine

WASHINGTON. Russian Alexander Ovechkin definitely sent a record of Peter Bondra’s record in the number of Canadian points won in Washington Capitals.

What the Slovaks did for fourteen years, the Russian managed nine. Bondra was still a recorder with 825 points, Ovechkin has two more players after Calgary on Tuesday.

Capitals have again lost, fifth time in a row – with Calgary 3: 4 after an extended period. Ovechkin’s record point.

Bondra did not miss the Tuesday meeting, watching the duel of the club owner.

“It was exciting to watch Alex in the Capitals’ jersey during his great career so far, I love him, I absolutely deserve it, but it was only a matter of time when he overcomes me.He is a very talented player, I sincerely congratulate him on the record. “

” In the rest of his career, I wish him good luck to overcome even more recordings in Capitals, “said Bondra, who originally planned to congratulate himself

“We needed to win, I’ll go after the winning match.”

Ovechkin is already holding several recordings of Capitals, two still belonging to Bondro, But Borkra still has 472 goals, the best capitals of the Capitals, and has 70 winning accurate hits, and Ovechkin in these stats lags behind 44, respectively. 3 goals.Not one of Stanley’s Cups won.

The two stars are from different backgrounds, have different starting positions in Capitals, but many are joining them. Before playing in the NHL, they have tried senior hockey in Europe, neither of whom has won the Stanley Cup.

In Washington, he was more favorable to Ovechkin, who was the draft unit. Bondru and the club chose 156th in the order.

The Slovak cannon needed 825 points for 961 matches, the Russian secluded betting account offers at the head of the tables in the 691nd duel of his career.

“Alex has an incredible gaming style, even if you’re not a hockey fan, you’re caught on ice, really, it’s just a matter of time when I’m over,” Bondra added.

Ovechkin entered best online betting sites offers the NHL in the 2005/2006 season.He gave an average of 0.62 goals per game, which advises him in the league’s historical tables between players with at least 300 games in the fifth place.

“I congratulate Alex Ovechkin on achieving the position of the most productive player in the history of Washington Capitals, a wonderful player who has many years of great success and success”, congratulated Ovechkin legendary Wayne Gretzky. The information was published by Washington Post and CapitalsOutsider.com.

Goals: 11. Nicklas Bäckström (Ovechkin, T. Wilson), 32.

Johansson (Brouwer, Carlson), 35. J. Ward (Nicklas Bäckström, Ovechkin) , 31. Giordano (Brodie, D. Jones), 55. Markus Granlund, 65. Monahan (Jooris, Giordano),

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